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Green Light Wellness Program

5 Essential Steps to Healthy Slimmer Stronger

By Kenneth Forsythe MD FACSM

You have the power to transform your health.

Make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle to discover
how incredible your body can actually feel.

Conflicting information regarding diets, weight loss and health is everywhere. Compounding the problem, our society is filled with overly processed foods, excessive levels of stress, and fad diets that often do more harm than good. Most people have no idea how to use nutrition to improve their health and don’t know where to begin to look for the right answers.

Why ‘Healthy’ ‘Slimmer’ ‘Stronger’

Over 25 years ago at my Sports Medicine clinic in Los Angeles, I started asking patients and clients “What do you want for your body.” In fact, this was the second question on our intake survey. The first question was “Please tell me the reason for your visit today” to which the answer was nearly always, ‘I want to lose weight’. So asking the second question, “What do you want for your body?” might have seemed unnecessary, or at least a little odd.

Over all these years, up to and including now, people keep answering that second question the same ways: ‘Doc, I just want to be Healthier’ or, ‘I’m so tired at looking at my body and not being happy about it’ and ‘I want to be able to do things I can’t do anymore.’

Now, you can well imagine that people express these same thoughts and ideas in many different ways. But the essence has always remained the same. It didn’t – and doesn’t matter – what age people are, or where they come from, or what ethnic group they might be in. People want to be Healthy, Feel Happy About Themselves, and Be Strong to do the things that are fun for them. It’s universal.

I have synthesized these wants into: Healthier, Happier, Stronger.

What about Weight

Strange, isn’t it? People come to me with endless tales of attempts to get to some body weight they’ve been told they should reach. They’ve tried every ‘diet’, program, supplement, and other stuff that’s promised success. These attempts often go on for years and they’re frustrated. But they still have hope. And they still believe that ‘Weight’ is the goal that will give them the health, the shape and the function that they really want.

For decades we have been bombarded with endless messages about weight, ideal weight, and losing weight for this or that health goal. If you’ve lived your entire life listening to messages about weight, not just from television or media, but from your doctors and the medical community, I think it’s entirely reasonable that you would think that weight must be a very important health goal.

But what if weight isn’t everything? What if it’s not even close to everything?

What Weight Scales Tell Us

The weight of everything that makes up your body, that’s what. That means, bones, muscles, organs, blood supply and fat. But a weight scale can’t differentiate among these components. And that’s critical.

What Is Obesity

This is perhaps the most surprising thing in discussions with my patients and clients. Obesity is not a weight disorder. It is correctly defined by the World Health Organization as a complex metabolic disorder characterized by unhealthy levels of fat in the body.

Where do we accumulate excess fat in our human bodies? Especially around our waist and hips – our torso.

What To Measure

Your waist. When you lose fat your waist decreases. Your clothes are looser. You start to feel better. In fact, you’re becoming healthier, feeling better about yourself. And probably starting to be able to do more comfortably.

At Green Light Wellness, we’ve been educating and helping individuals and organizations reach their wellness goals for over 25 years. This is the first time I’m offering my expertise of health and wellness education packaged in a comprehensive online program that anyone can review and implement from the convenience of their own homes.

The 5 Step Green Light Wellness Program Curriculum

Green Light Wellness is an online, self-guided program. This means that you can take the program at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, with 24/7 access to the content. And, while the program was designed to be completed in just six weeks, you’ll have access to all program materials for a full year after signing up.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What You’ll Learn


Where does it come from? Finding out YOUR motivation and your readiness to begin a new life of the wealth of Health!

In this module, you will learn:

  • The 3 human sources of Drive and Motivation
  • Discovering YOUR readiness for change
  • Why getting Healthy Happy & Strong is not complicated
  • The amazing stories of people who have taken this journey

We might not be able to control everything that goes on out in the world, but we can at least control what foods we decide to buy and which we decide to keep in our homes.


The number ONE reason for frustration and failure in Lifestyle Management is focus on weight.  ‘Ideal’ weight is a MYTH. Learn where this destructive myth came from.

In this module, you will learn:

  • A weight scale cannot tell the difference between bone, muscle, organs, blood supply and fat in your body.  Bones, muscles and organs burn up energy, our blood supply delivers vital nutrients to keep them working.
  • Fat cells store energy. They are like balloons as they expand when excess energy is in the body. And where do humans have the largest number of fat cells – on our torsos. Our waist and hips expand. We start to develop un-health. And then we are told that the problem is weight! But the real problem is excess fat.
  • Obesity and all its co-conditions of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression and joint pains is NOT a disease of weight; obesity is a disease of metabolism.
  • Green Light Wellness helps YOU rebuild the natural metabolic engine of your body. It is not Weight that should be measured; it is WAIST! Or more simply, when your clothes are getting looser and your waist is getting smaller, you ARE getting healthier. And probably happier. And Stronger.

The Proven Solutions

No medicine is as powerful as the combination of nutrition, activity and behavior in reaching a Healthy, Happy & Strong body!  I would say that most people understand this. The problem is that these vital elements of health have been made much too complicated. 

They’re NOT. What really works for healthy nutrition, enjoyable exercise and getting stronger isn’t complicated. Most important, what I am going to teach you has to be easy to understand, easy to actually do, and easy to see success in. Thirty years ago, I realized that the best way to convey simplicity was by using the traffic signal. Every element in my program relates to Green, Yellow and Red.  “Go”, “Some Caution”, “Stop and Substitute”.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Every aspect of nutrition, activity, behaviors in tutorials by Dr Forsythe.
  • How going to the store following the simple Green principle makes it easy.
  • Green zone cooking and recipes that taste great.
  • Importance of the ‘Garbage Bag Game’ for your family
  • Why effective exercise is about Time not Intensity
  • Effective exercise activity at home, outdoors or at the gym.
  • The one Essential behavior for success – and many more.
  • Success stories – from athletes to YOU

In general, we don’t like to label foods as “good” or “bad,” but when it comes to fat, there are definitely some good guys we want to get more of and some bad guys we want to avoid. But get ready; some of these might surprise you.

The Action Plan

You’re ready, You’re motivated. Now you need to know what to do. Dr Forsythe shows you what and how – simply!

In this module, you will learn:

  • Schedule it!  Just like work or school scheduling time for YOU is vital.
  • Setting your goal and how to stick to the plan
  • Organize your GREEN zone world, at home, in the car, at the office.
  • How to ditch the RED zone and make good substitutes
  • Ideas for the Kids – you’re all in this together
  • The Smiley Face Log – tracking your progress leads to success
  • STOP weighing!  What to do instead.

Coaching For Success

Why is it that every great athlete has a coach? After all, they’re already exceptional at whatever sport they practice. Why do they need a coach? Because coaches improve performance and help on the road to success. Of program, not just any coach, but someone with deep experience, knowledge and the ability to gain the trust of athletes.

Over the last more than 25 years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with national, Olympic and professional athletes in many sports. Mostly, I’ve had the pleasure of working – and learning – from thousands of clients and patients who are probably just like you. My Coaching for Success available webinars are presented every two weeks. Questions answered. Community with fellow health travelers. Recordable for later viewin

You aren’t broken, your environment is.

Eat Good Fats

In the industrialized society we live in today, stress is chronic and ubiquitous. Overflowing freeways, overflowing inboxes, overflowing calendars and an overflow of highly processed foods are just a few of the stressors we

encounter daily, contributing to a host of health issues. The Foundation Wellness course can’t shorten your commute to work or reduce the number of emails you get, but the good news is that reducing stress is less about changing your environment and more about changing how you respond to it.

In this module, you will learn:

How to reduce stress through meditation, mindfulness, and movement

How to optimize sleep through light, food, and movement

How to maximize happiness through play, connection, and service to others

Optimize Your Energy

An overwhelming amount of people struggle with low energy. A quick survey of many of the common habits present in our modern culture show this to be true: the need for coffee or caffeinated tea in the morning (and more

throughout the day), the familiar habit of reaching for a sugary snack or other pick-me-up in the afternoon, and the endless array of energy drinks and other stimulants on the market. But a lack of energy doesn’t come from a lack of coffee. With proper nourishment, physical activity, and adequate hydration, it is absolutely possible for you to experience a sense of energy and vitality you may have thought was only attainable through that double-shot espresso.

In this module, you will learn:

How to optimize energy through nutrition and hydration

How to fuel your body for optimal performance

How to move your body for optimal health

“When was the last time you loved every single thing about your life and loved every tiny detail about your body?”

– Daniele Della Valle, Happy Weight

Balance Your Mind & Body

In our modern culture, we are exposed to more environmental toxins and toxic body image messages than ever before. An alarming number of people suffer from disordered eating patterns, and chronic diseases now affect a

large and growing percentage of the population. As of 2012, 1 in 4 adults suffered from 2 or more chronic health conditions, and 70% of deaths were caused by chronic disease. But you don’t have to live in fear, nor do you have to be a statistic. You can empower yourself and your family and help turn the tide. You can change how your genes are expressed by changing how you eat and live. You can support your body’s natural ability to heal by supporting your body’s foundations, practicing self-care, and eating a nutrient-dense, properly prepared, whole foods diet. And you can learn to love your body, no matter its shape or size.

In this module, you will learn:

How to support detoxification in your body

How to cultivate a healthy body image

How food, lifestyle, and mindset support healing

Meet Dr Ken

Kenneth Forsythe, M.D.

Dr Forsythe was trained in Family Medicine at the University of Southern California and completed at Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. He has been a Medical Consultant to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and former ABC Television Medical Expert. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and of the The National Obesity Society. Dr Forsythe’s career has been dedicated to helping people be Healthier and Perform Better.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’m amazed at how well Dr. Forsythe’s program works for our kids. Seeing their self-esteem grow is really wonderful.

Maria Abordo, MD

Pediatrician, Yuba City, California

One of our nurses di Dr. Forsythe’s program and now most of the office staff is seeing him, and many of my patients. His program is easy and it works.

Anthony Bellomo, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Sacramento, California

I think the focus on shape really helps; over the years it’s been so frustrating to loose weight and then have it all come back. Now I never think about it.


Executive, Age 56, waist 42 to 36 in 10 weeks

Last year nobody would pick me; this year they always want me on the basketball team.


Age 13, went from 160th percentile to normal in 5months

What is the Learning Experience Like?

You will access the program online through a password-protected section of the GLW website. The core of the program is a comprehensive set of online video tutorials created by Sports Medicine expert Kenneth Forsythe MD. You will have access to Dr. Forsythe’s current tutorials as well as all new video tutorials for up to one year.

  • A series of short videos that present the core information in a fun, engaging, easy-to-understand format.
  • Print-friendly worksheets and cheatsheets to apply what you’ve learned, make shopping for greenlight food easier, etc.
  • Movement demos and a sample movement plan.
  • Recommended resources for learning more.

Purchase the Green Light Wellness Program

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried so many things – can this program really help. If you can say that you’re ready to start and that you want to start now, the answer is absolutely ‘Yes’. Starting with the FBI and Santa Monica Police Departments in Los Angeles, to hundreds of professional athletes and to hospital and clinic patients, Dr Forsythe’s unique approach to Wellness has given hope and new lives to thousands of people.

The Green Light Wellness system works because:

  • A. Easy to Understand because everything is based on the simplicity of the traffic light. Green means no restrictions. Yellow means healthy, but some caution. Red means ‘Let’s find a substitute’.  We apply this to every aspect of Wellness.
  • B. Easy to incorporate into YOUR life, for your whole life.
  • C. Enjoyable because if you don’t like it, you won’t do it.
  • D. Healthy – based on the last 30 years medical studies on every aspect of nutrition, exercise, behaviors, medicines and wellness.
There are 5 Essential Steps in the program - How do I start?

Just like, for instance, buying a textbook, you get all the material at one time, but it usually is more effective if you follow the step by step approach of each chapter. You will have access to all the Green Light Wellness materials once you purchase the program, but we suggest following our outlined approach. This gives you the flexibility to use the materials in the way that works best for YOU.

Is there really a solution that will help me finally get into shape?

Yes. Dr Forsythe’s Program has given hope and new lives to thousands of patients and clients over the last 25 years. Starting with the FBI and Santa Monica Police Departments in Los Angeles, to hundreds of professional athletes and to hospital and clinic patients, the Green Light Wellness system is: A. Easy to Understand because everything is based on the simplicity of the traffic light. Green means no restrictions. Yellow means healthy, but some caution. Red means ‘Let’s find a substitute’. B. Easy to incorporate into YOUR life, for your whole life. C. Enjoyable because if you don’t like it, you won’t do it. D. Healthy – based on the last 30 years medical studies on every aspect of nutrition, exercise, behaviors, medicines and wellness.

I see there are 5 modules in the course. Do I have to take the course on a schedule within 6 weeks?

No, the course is completely self-paced, and you’ll have access to the content for a full year. For the first 5 weeks of the course you’ll gain access to a new module each week.

Some students like to take their time with each module, allowing additional time to integrate what they learn into their diet and lifestyle and fully research additional resources before moving on to the next one. Others prefer to move through each module more quickly, allowing time to review resources and implement changes after completing the course material. Allowing time to integrate changes and reflect on them as you learn is our recommended approach, but we encourage you to do what works best for you!

What is the time commitment per module?

Each module takes about 3-5 hours to complete. The video content averages about an hour per module, but additional time is anticipated for studying handouts and reference material. If you were to study the course at a pace of one module per week, you would complete the course in 8 weeks.

When does the program start, and how do I access it?

The program will be available for you to begin as soon as you purchase it. You will access the program through a password-protected section of the GLW website.

Can I download the material to a personal computer for use after my year of access is up?

Print resources (PDF guides, handouts, and worksheets) will be downloadable during the year you have access to the program. Program videos will be accessible only during your year of program access, and cannot be downloaded.

Are there any financing options available?

We have three different payment options for the Green Light Wellness program.

  1. Pay in full for the program with a one time payment of $897.
  2. Pay in three equal payments of $299 over the program of three months. Your debit or credit card will be saved on file and will be automatically charged once monthly until the full $897 has been paid in full for the course.

Get started with the Green Light Wellness program for $0 by applying for six months of no interest PayPal credit. You can learn about all of the details here.

What about ‘Coaching for Success’ webinars?

Every two weeks you’ll be able to join in during a live webinar with Dr Forsythe where you can ask questions. Note however, that these webinars will NOT address personal medical issues.

Do I earn a certification or degree from this program? Can I go into practice after taking this course?

This course does not culminate in a certification; this is a personal development course to support your health and that of your family. If you are interested in receiving a certification and going into practice, our NTP or NTC course could be a great fit for you.

Is this program accredited?

No, this program is not accredited.

Will there be course instructors available for any questions I’d like to ask?

Yes; this course is designed by Dr Kenneth Forsythe and every two weeks you’ll be able to join in during a live webinar where you can ask any of your specific questions.

Will I receive any CEUs for completing this course?

No, this course is not eligible for CEUs as it was designed for those who do not have clinical or professional nutrition experience and primarily wish to optimize their own health and nutrition.

How (and when) can I join the affiliate program?

Thanks for your interest in our Green Light Wellness affiliate program!

We’ll be launching smaller affiliate groups through the end of 2018 and are aiming to have our full graduate affiliate program launched in early 2019. If you’re interested in being a GLW affiliate, please sign up Here!

What’s the return policy for this program?

We’re confident that this program will provide you with invaluable knowledge to improve your own health and the health of those you love, but we realize that things come up. If you do not access any of the program modules during the first 30 days after purchasing the program, you may request a full return. Once you click on any program module and access the Green Light Wellness program, you’re no longer eligible for any refund.

Do I need to take the modules in order?

No; one of the advantages of this program is that it is fully online and self-paced to fit any schedule.

Although we strongly recommend starting with Step 1, as it provides a great framework and big-picture perspective that set you up for success for the rest of the course, it’s fine to review the remaining modules in any order you like.

What if I still have questions?

You are welcome to send an email to and someone will get back to you soon.

Ok, I’m ready to get started! How do I sign up?

Wonderful! We are so looking forward to having you in the course. You can sign up Here!

What’s the return policy for this course?

We’re confident that this course will provide you with invaluable knowledge to improve your own health and the health of those you love, but we realize that things come up. For this reason, we offer a 30-day full return policy if you do not access any of the course modules during the first 30 days after purchasing the course. Once you click on any course module and access the Foundational Wellness course, you’re no longer eligible for any refund. However, if you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days of purchasing this course, please send an email to with the reason you are requesting the refund and we’ll help you through the process.

How (and when) can I join the affiliate program?

We’ll be launching smaller affiliate groups through the end of 2018 and are aiming to have our full graduate affiliate program launched in early 2019. If you’re interested in being a FW affiliate, please sign up here